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Why is NABH certification required?

Central government made it mandatory for all hospitals that want to be on the panel of CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) and ECHS (Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme) to be NABH accredited


“All such providers offering cashless services for allopathic treatment shall meet with the pre-accreditation entry level standards laid down by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) or such other standards or requirements as may be specified by the Authority from time to time within a period of two years from the date of notification of these Guidelines”

What are the requirements to get NABH Certification?

The Hospitals are required to follow a set of standards as prescribed by the NABH standards document. There are 10 Chapters with 100 standards and 651 objective elements for the 5th edition that a Hospital has to adhere to. Objective elements (OE) in 5th edition are classified on four categories. Core (102 OE), commitment (459 OE), achievement (60 OE) and excellence (30 OE). When the Hospital is confident of demonstrating the adherence to final assessment the hospital should be adhered to core and commitment objectives, similar way if the hospital is demonstrating for surveillance which could be any time between 2nd and 3rd year the hospital has to be adhered to Achievement objectives (Core + Commitment) and if the hospital is confident of demonstrating adherence for reaccreditation then the hospital should adhere to excellence (Core + Commitment + Achievement). The application for assessment can be made to NABH. NABH approved assessors virtually (might ask the hospital to upload required documents) or hybrid (one of the team members can visit the hospital and other can be virtual) the Hospital and assess adherence to the standards. If the compliances are in line with expectations, the Assessor forwards the application to the Accreditation committee and the Committee awards a certificate

What are the challanges for achieving NABH?What are the challanges for achieving NABH?

The main challenges are:
a. Knowing what is required to be done
b. Getting employees to practice
c. Documenting practices
d. Tracking and Monitoring adherence
e. Appointing and Retaining Good Quality personnel or Champion

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