Simplifying Healthcare Quality Management System

Achieve NABH accreditation and stay fully compliant at all times with QMS365

Creating the culture of quality

By leveraging QMS365 Software as a Service mitigate the regulatory risk by helping your organization comply with NABH requirements and standards. Introducing a revolutionary QMS for the modern healthcare organisations.

Get ready for Virtual / Hybrid assessment

Due to COVID – 19, NABH has changed the traditional way of assessment to Virtual / Hybrid assessment.
QMS365 helps your organization to be ready with all the NABH requirements by organising all the complaince documents with easy access and present the evidences during virtual assessment.

Get Accredited Faster

When it comes to NABH accreditation, time is everything. Save time by utilizing QMS365 to get and keep your accreditation faster than ever before. Purpose-built application focusing on current quality practices in healthcare giving more focus on low overheads, time and effort required to manage and monitor NABH accreditation standard requirements.

Upgrade to Digital Process

Replace your current paper-based or manual way of doing things. How would you like to use a simple, intuitive, yet powerful QMS designed to help you improve your process? Our digital system will help your organization in many ways.

  • Save incredible amounts of time
  • Maintain a higher data accuracy
  • Reduce unnecessary errors
  • Serve patients better
  • Process automation
  • And much more…

Stay Compliant & In-line With Clinical Regulations

Your healthcare organization can integrate compliance into your company’s culture and daily operations. Helps prevent critical mistakes and oversight by always staying organized with QMS365. This way, you can manage performance & reduce inefficiencies in a way, unlike anything you have experienced before.

QMS365 Features

Incredible Features That Will Improve Your Bottom Line & Enhance Your Efficiency

Have a glance at some of the core features of QMS365.

Track Non-Compliances

The last thing you want is to overlook compliance issues and let them go unnoticed. With QMS365, you have a fool proof system for staying compliant 100% of the time.

  • Real time reporting with visual and analytical dashboards 
  • Automated alerts and notifications of Non Compliances

Spend less time on documentation

When your team spends more time on admin related documentation tasks, that’s less time spent in front of patients. Reverse that logic and improve patient care and outcomes

  • Control & Share documents with departments
  • Access training materials, Sops, Manuals Online
  • Build Flow Charts, Org Charts
  • Objective Checklists For Internal Audits,
  • Subjective checklists for Department audits
  • 100’s of free and readymade templates from QMS365 Document library


With the tools in place to undergo successful audits, you can verify that your healthcare organization is operating at peak efficiency.

  • Plan and schedule Audits
  • Pre-built checklists or build your own checklist
  • Mobile Audits with tablet device or Mobile phone 
  • Detailed Audit reports and Initiate RCA on random samples

Track KPI’s & Manage Incident Reporting

Benchmark and monitor department quality indicators performance and measure the progress and monitor trends over the period.

  • KPI’s Development
  • Management Reviews
  • Set Your Benchmarks
  • Evaluate The Success
  • View Trends Graphs
  • Quantifiable Measures
  • Performance Driven
  • Capture KPIs Data online

Root Cause Analysis & CAPA Process

Never miss an incident. With Incident management system capture incidents online. Scientific analysis tools to identify the root causes of faults, failures or problems and create corrective and preventive (CAPA) action plan and evaluate to prevent reoccurrences of similar incidents..

  • Never miss an incident
  • Quick and easy data capture forms
  • Identify failures with “5 Whys” and Cause & Effect tools
  • Perform Root cause analysis, create and review CAPA plans

Enhance staff collaboration & improve quality care

The better synergy between staff & management you have, the more efficient and productive your healthcare organization will be. Improve collaboration and patient care by registering for QMS365 today.

  • Quick access to policies and procedures
  • Access the training resources and materials online
  • Control, distribute and share policies, guidelines, training documents to departments

Management Reports

The accurate reporting of healthcare-related information is critical to the streamline operation of your healthcare organization.

  • Real-time reporting on 


    • Infection Control
    • Quality Indicators
    • Incidents and KPIs
  • Visual analytic dashboards with valuable insights

More QMS365

Features & benefits

Value offerings of QMS365 as SaaS product are not just limited to operational efficiencies and cost-effectiveness, it also delivers various benefits 

Virtual and Hybrid Assessments

QMS365 helps your organization to be ready with all the NABH requirements by organising all the compliance documents with easy access and present the evidences during the virtual assessment

HCO 5th Edition Standard

Seamless migration from HCO 4th edition to 5th edition standard for final, surveillance and re-accreditation assessments.

Analytic Dashboards

Data driven visual Analytical Dashboards and Insights for 360-degree view of Quality program implementation.

Department Level Status

Check and track Non compliances at department level.


User-friendly Online Audit tool to schedule, perform internal and subjective audits using readymade checklists using mobile/tablet device.

Access of Policies and Procedures

Online access to SOP’s, Policies, department checklists, flow charts, organisation charts and training documents.

Licence and certificate tracker

Check and track Non compliances at department level.

Checklist and Form builder

Build your own checklists, org charts, flow charts, registers and incident forms.


Get real time and periodic notifications on incomplete KPIs, upcoming Audits, Committee meetings or alerts on Non-compliance objectives.

Easy Access & Simple to use

Easy-to-use and highly functional responsive web application with intuitive interface. 

Technical support

A dedicated QMS365 team  to help and assist you in your accreditation journey.

Free software upgrades

Automatically get latest features and enhancements, app updates for free.

Our Approach & Process

We work hand in hand with your organization to achieve and maintain accreditation and compliance at all times

How We Work

By sticking by your side at all times, there isn’t a moment where you have to worry about compliance issues. QMS365 anticipates problems before they arrive and provides manageable solutions you can implement based on your specific time, resources and ability.

Our Approach Combines Consulting Services With QMS365

When you add expert consulting on top of a powerful quality management system, you instantly get covered from all angles.

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